[Market-farming] Re: unwanted critters

Tom at Limerock limerock at thirdplanet.net
Sat Feb 19 09:04:20 EST 2005


Skunks surely are better rodent control, it is just that they will not let 
me pet them!

Although the racoons are rather cute, they eat way too many grapes, usually 
two days before I want to harvest.

We cannot bring nine more cats in the house, the three that are here would 
not take too kindly to that.  I wish ' I ' could, my wife is not quite as 

Limerock Orchards


Do a little more research and you may learn that
coons and skunks are better rodent control agents
than your cats will ever be.

Both are also serious insect predators, though
skunks tend to pursue bugs more ravenously
than raccoons.

On the whole the conflict probably exists that
your cats endanger the coon and skunk offspring
and they are watching out for their own territory.

Keep the cats indoors and let Nature take care
of itself.

That's my advice.

jay gee
not a farmer  --  but interested in farming

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