[Market-farming] unwanted critters

Chuck Mongotrout at mchsi.com
Fri Feb 18 18:52:13 EST 2005

I agree with Lucy.  I haven't had a skunk problem here, but having lost most
of my sweet corn (in one night) last year to a marauding bunch of coons, I
believe that there is no place for them on my little farm.  This year, I
plan to live trap them, and relocate them to out to the woods a few miles
away.  If they start coming back, I will break out the old shotgun if need

SW Missouri

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> I dunno Jay Gee, Skunks also spray when
> agitated and coons can do a great deal of
> damage to equipment and buildings. I think
> their liabilities outweigh any benefit one
> gets from these critters. Especially if they
> are getting into places they ought not to get
> into.

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