[Market-farming] Cutting celery

Adriana gutierrez-lagatta at charter.net
Fri Feb 18 17:01:08 EST 2005

Cutting celery and lovage are almost indistinguishable when the lovage plant 
is young.  And the flavor is very similar.  I understand that lovage plants 
can grow to 6' tall while cutting celery stays short.  My one lovage plant 
in the greenhouse is only about 18" tall at the moment.

Oriental seed suppliers have whiote, golden and two different green versions 
of it.  If you have an Asian or Phillipini clientele there is a market for 
it, but it is sold for pennies at the Asian markets.  check it out at 

> How does cutting celery compare to lovage?  I would describe the taste of 
> my lovage the same way you all are describing the cutting celery (very 
> strong celery taste, but it looks like overgrown parsley).  The lovage, 
> though, has the benefit of growing back every year!

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