[Market-farming] unwanted critters

Tom at Limerock limerock at thirdplanet.net
Fri Feb 18 16:24:46 EST 2005

Did not think about the dog.  Not sure about the idea, we are on a very busy 
state road.  Lost one 'inside' dog to it already, as well as two young cats.

I have put in my first 2x4, reducing the horizontal opening.  Thank you so 
much for the idea!  Guess I was so flustered with the racoon last night that 
I did not think about it logically.  I agree with you regarding 
elevating/laddering the opening.

Pardon my dumbness but, why would racoons kill cats?  I know the cats do not 
like them, last night when I went in the shed, all the cats were 'up on 
something' and then I saw the racoon.  Managed to scare it out by banging on 
the side of the building where he was.

Thanks again!


The racoons are a serious hazard to the cats; they will often kill
cats. An entry the cats can just barely fit through (it's surprising
what a cat can fit through) will at least keep out those racoons which
are larger than the cats. If you can handle these cats, you might try
setting up a board with increasingly smaller openings and seeing how
small an opening the largest cat will go through; then adjust your
cathole to this size. I suspect this won't help much against the
skunks, though.

-- Rivka; Finger Lakes NY, Zone 5 mostly
Fresh-market organic produce, small scale

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