[Market-farming] RE: cutting celery

Lori Sands tchfrch at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 17 22:01:25 EST 2005

Hendrickson wrote:                                                           
it is more flavorful than regular celery and is widely used in Europe.

"Favorful " is an understatement to put it nicely...
I grew the Afina variety one year and it grew wonderfully well but was so 
strongly-flavored--  like celery taken to the extreme with some bitters 
thrown in in case that wasn't strong enough!
Nobody liked it and I couldn't sell it.

I ended up drying the leaves for soups, and that worked out well.  Perhaps 
they would be better in a braising mix or a dried -herbs mix.

Lori Sands
Silver Wheel Farm
western PA

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