[Market-farming] Seeking a good cucumber

Karen Sutherland ksutherland at hampshire.edu
Wed Feb 16 17:57:40 EST 2005

Cool Breeze also does well down here in zone 10 plus and is a very nice
little cuke.  I get even better productivity over a longer time and
excellent taste  from Park's All Season Burpless.  But the most amazing
cukes here in terms of quality and performance are some of the Asian
Burpless types sold by Evergreen Seeds  (www.evergreenseeds.com),
especially the Southern Delight, Summer Delight and Natsuhikari.  Best
cukes I ever ate and our customers are crazy for them.  We grow all
these on trellis.

Best wishes to all,

Karen Sutherland

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vslk at thepipeline.net wrote:

>I'll second the vote for cool breeze for a small cuke good for pickling or fresh
>eating.  My favorite fresh eating cucumber is the Japanese Suhyo variety, but this
>is probably not what you are looking for. Vivian  
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