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Tue Feb 15 11:42:24 EST 2005

       The market managers run the market as their own private business. They 
are telling the vendors that they don't make any money, but then someone else 
(not a vendor at the market) told me that one of the managers at the market 
was bragging about how much he made from managing the market this last year.

       The managers are also vendors at the market, although they are one of 
the smaller vendors. So they are there 3-7 pm every thursday from May 2nd to 
October 1st. They've mentioned several times that they are not doing this for 
the money, that they don't pay themselves a salary. But they will have to make 
a profit at some point to satisfy government regulations. Si it's hard to know 
what to believe.

       Just wondering why salary is coming into this?


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