[Market-farming] Broccolini mystery

Wiediger, Alison awiediger at HART.k12.ky.us
Tue Feb 15 11:02:46 EST 2005

Seems to me that the stories I read last year said the seed  was only
available to selected growers - perhaps growing it under a license.  Surely,
as the popularity increases, it will eventually be more commonly available.

Alison Wiediger, Au Naturel Farm

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> I'm trying to find broccolini, but the seed doesn't seem to be available.
> Is this some proprietary thing, i.e. one company monopolizing the seed?
> I've heard that it is subject to Plant Breeder's Rights. Can anyone
> enlighten me as to this designation? I know restaurants that serve it.
> Thanks,
> Bill 
> Marion, AL 

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