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And, I propose, soils are a large component.  The minerals in the soils can
make a difference in other foods, why not strawberries.  I know that
Kennebec, one of our favorite potatoes, tastes totally different when grown
at my parents' place.  We have a loamy soil, they have a heavy red clay
(only 20 miles away).  We much prefer the potatoes grown in our soil (and
they most likely prefer theirs!)


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> This might lend credence to the theory that it's partly fertilizer; as 
> people using the same management get different results on different 
> soils, it would make sense that different nutrient availability would 
> be part of the issue; though some of it is presumably soil textures, 
> and microclimate. I've also had berries of generally good-flavored 
> varieties turn bitter in an odd weather year (do we have any other kind 
> of year lately?) although there were clear varietal differences, I had 
> about six varieties in the field that year (small field) and some of 
> them didn't do it.
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