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Tue Feb 15 09:52:21 EST 2005

Our calendar was supposed to be a spoof on the movie "Calendar Girls."  There 
were no totally nude shots, just farmers with strategically placed flowers, 
fruits and vegetables. And, believe me they were photos of real people...not 
young sexy girls.  Many of the farmers did not want it printed thinking that it 
was not "family" oriented.  They wanted a "farm" calendar with photos of some 
of our beautiful farms and the items that they produce.  There was quite a 
boycot, with some farmers hanging red ribbons on their tents to let people know 
that they disagreed with the calendar. I think there was mixed feelings amongst 
the customers.  If the market decides to do another calendar my guess would 
be that they will not go the "nude" route again even though it was tastfully 

The calendar was printed to bring in more revenue for the market.  I don't 
believe that they were looking for new customers. I will find out how "we" did 
at our annual meeting this week and report back.

Herb'n Renewal
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