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Great ideas on the calendars - and year-round reminders of the farmers to
keep those relationships going. How about an 18-month calendar June '05
through Dec. '06?
That also gives more pictures to feature more farms. We have several
students from the local college that have been especially supportive of the
market and actually done some great promotional materials for class credit.
I'm wondering if there may be photograpy classes you could involve in this
as well - give them business experience and a chance to get their names out
there too?

If this goes off-list, please keep me in the loop. I'm thinking we might
want to do this at our market too.

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> This calendar stuff is a great idea - whatever is chosen as pictures.
> I'm wondering about is this:  People buy calendars late in the year for
> next year.  Our market is open when produce is available - mid-April
> October, and from mid-August on (when school starts), has much lower
> levels.  When do you sell the calendar?  Or, do you do a mid-year to
> mid-year calendar?
> Alison Wiediger, Au Naturel Farm

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