[Market-farming] Strawberry varieties

Adriana gutierrez-lagatta at charter.net
Mon Feb 14 16:53:08 EST 2005

If you get a chance to grow them try Camerosas, they are even better than 
properly ripened Chandlers.  I think that refrigeration also affects the 
flavors of strawberries.  When I lived near the strawberry capital of 
Florida I used to buy my berries from a produce stand that prided itself on 
their berries never being refrigerated.  They were great!

>We grew Chandler, which is one
> of the varieties used for those huge, gorgeous berries we see in the
> supermarkets, in our high tunnels two years ago.  We got those huge 
> gorgeous
> berries, and we picked them ripe for sale the next day.  Customers LOVED
> them.  They had a GREAT taste.

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