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Well said Oldtimin!  We recently watched the movie Calendar Girls, and
even though their hearts were in the right place, they were still
treated poorly by some, and made to feel ashamed.  
Guy Clark's suggestions got me exited about trying a more family
oriented calendar at our market...one that reaches out to the community.

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My concern, if you will, with this is a markets reputation. Farmers
are thought of as family friendly, very "G" rated, this sort of thing , 
though it might raise a little quick cash, could have a long term
effect. I wouldn't want to take my family to a place where several
had posed nude for a calander, and that calander was right there for
Where my kids could accidently walk up and see someone flipping through 
their new calander. There is enough "sexual" selling going on, I think
thing people like about farmers markets is that it is not full of sexual


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