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When I ran the community gardening group in town we did a 
calendar/localized gardening almanac. We used month appropriate photos and 
I put together the almanac portion (you could add in when each thing 
likely becomes available). The smartest thing to do is to get local 
businesses to sponsor months that make sense for their business. You can 
figure out what it costs to print and then you know what to charge the 
sponsors. If you do that, then all your sales are profit and you 
strengthen relationships with local businesses, especially if you use a 
local print shop. 

Guy Clark
Columbia, MO
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> >>>>>We used a local photographer to take the photos...he went to the
> different
> farms and posed the "nudies!"  I'm sorry to say I have no idea who 
> them for us.  I do know that they sold for $10 each and they were in 
> and
> white.  The market did a partnership with our local college radio 
> Our
> annual meeting is next week and I'll be more than happy to ask some
> questions
> for you.<<<<<
> Karin,
> Please post your information on this list.  I think this *without the
> nudies* would make a great fund raiser for many groups.  Something like
> "Meet Your Local Farmers" with new farmers in it each year with a list 
> all farmers in the group in back. Something like a chart in back with
> locations, dates of operation, products offered, etc.
> Maybe a national organization like Heifer Project International  or 
> could pick in up to help many of us small farm groups get it going with
> organizational or advertising funds.
> I specifically want to know what profit margin your group was seeking 
and if 
> they met that goal; initial investment; summary of 
> Did it help raise awareness enough to increase buying and/or new 
> at your market?  I am curious if the emphasis was on increasing consumer
> spending on local farm products or just raising funds for the market.
> Just the highlights please.  I don't want to waste your time in writing 
> detailed report for us.  :-) <g>
> **PS:  I am not a prude (probably would be the first to volunteer), but 
> farmers in any calendar around here would need to be dressed.  I am 
> of a handout booklet a state-wide group gives out that has farmer 
> and a few recipes in it.  I think a calendar would not only generate 
> interest, but it could be sold for added funds!
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