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Robert Farr - The Chile Man rbfarr at erols.com
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I say, "hear, hear!" for farmers, in any region, remaining dressed.

As I learned in the computer industry (while viewing pictures of a sales 
club trip to the beach) - some people simply look better with their 
clothes on!

Farmers of the world unite -


mtlivestock wrote:

>>>>>>We used a local photographer to take the photos...he went to the
>farms and posed the "nudies!"  I'm sorry to say I have no idea who printed
>them for us.  I do know that they sold for $10 each and they were in black
>white.  The market did a partnership with our local college radio station.
>annual meeting is next week and I'll be more than happy to ask some
>for you.<<<<<
>Please post your information on this list.  I think this *without the
>nudies* would make a great fund raiser for many groups.  Something like
>"Meet Your Local Farmers" with new farmers in it each year with a list of
>all farmers in the group in back. Something like a chart in back with
>locations, dates of operation, products offered, etc.
>Maybe a national organization like Heifer Project International  or ATTRA
>could pick in up to help many of us small farm groups get it going with
>organizational or advertising funds.
>I specifically want to know what profit margin your group was seeking and if
>they met that goal; initial investment; summary of advantages/disadvantages.
>Did it help raise awareness enough to increase buying and/or new customers
>at your market?  I am curious if the emphasis was on increasing consumer
>spending on local farm products or just raising funds for the market.
>Just the highlights please.  I don't want to waste your time in writing a
>detailed report for us.  :-) <g>
>**PS:  I am not a prude (probably would be the first to volunteer), but the
>farmers in any calendar around here would need to be dressed.  I am thinking
>of a handout booklet a state-wide group gives out that has farmer profiles
>and a few recipes in it.  I think a calendar would not only generate more
>interest, but it could be sold for added funds!
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