[Market-farming] Re: good market manager

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Mon Feb 14 10:37:56 EST 2005


>   If you don't mind me asking...how much to you pay your market manager? 
We started her at $9.50, gave her a mid-season raise to $10 and a bonus at 
the end of the year that made it about $11. The funny thing was we gave 
her the bonus at the board meeting the last day of the market right after 
she told us she couldn't come back because she was going to school. As it 
turned out, she did come back and will start at $11. We decided to give 
her the bonus upon the request of a number of vendors which made the 
thought of going over budget much more palatable to fiscally conservative 
board members. We run a pretty tight budget which is part of why we are as 
successful as we are here. 

>how many hours do they work?
I think the hours are between 25 & 30 during the height of season.

Guy Clark
Columbia Farmers' Market, Inc.
Columbia, MO

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