[Market-farming] Self Cleaning Irrigation Water Filters

Allan Balliett igg at igg.com
Mon Feb 14 10:24:15 EST 2005

re: Sand Filter

The one set of sand filters is SUPPOSED to clean the silt and, 
admittedly, it did at one point. Back flusing s.b. enough for 
cleaning the filter, but seems to not get us to the point that really 
clean water is coming out. I understand that this sort of let down 
can be cured by changing the ration of gravel to sand and what not. I 
admit that I'm too lazy and too cheap to dig the sand and gravel back 
out and start over. I just want you to know that a two chamber sand 
filter is SUPPOSED to do the job. IT just isn't here.

Check out a disk filters requirements. You'll be backflushing that 
thing all the time and sometimes that just isn't that much fun.

On the spin filters: they will tell you that you can leave them 
partially open and they will perpetually clean themselves as you 
irrigate: ours could never keep up and eventually we were clogged 

If you are in the RAIN FLO area (Lancaster PA/East Coast US), talk to 
John. He has a good working knowledge of this stuff.

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