[Market-farming] strawberry flavor

Old Timin' oldtimin at williams-net.com
Mon Feb 14 09:46:26 EST 2005

Graeme: I kept saying "try this one - what
do you think of the flavour?"  He didn't eat a single berry.  He wasn't
interested in flavour - not at all! Appearance, keeping ability and
transportability were the only things he talked about and seemed to

Oldimin:well the way I look at it, it is competition like this that will 
alow us to get the top price. When I sell my heirloom produce I stress that 
flavor is my first issue, I like color also, but I like a variety of colors, 
(not just red tomatoes). As long as their are guys like him dominating this 
business, the rest of us  will have plenty of customers,lol

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