[Market-farming] Self Cleaning Irrigation Water Filters

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Hello Allan and All,

I was looking at those "spin filters" too.  There was a big one you could
put on where you pump out of the pond, and there were some small ones that
go at the beginning of each drip line.  Glad I found out they don't work for
silt.  So the sand filter didn't work either?  Or did it just need to be
bigger?  Anyone have success with another type of filter?  How about disc
filters?  I was thinking of using one tank as a settling tank.  does your
silt settle out very well?

(West Texas) Mark

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> Mark -
> Last year we used those 'spin' filters that are supposed to be
> self-cleaning and self-flushing. We had lots of SILT in our water. I
> was fairly dissatisfied with the filtering and, frankly, they often
> clogged, which is just no good. I wound up going with a pool sand
> filter from Rain-flo. This, sad to say, only solved the problem of
> total clogging. I feel that this season I'll be adding the spin
> filters to the drip headers to keep the water 'more clear.' This
> means cleaning them before each irrigation session. (I'm thinking of
> getting a 2nd sand filter, which, I hope and pray, would totally
> solve my silt problem.)
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