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Karen Sutherland ksutherland at hampshire.edu
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Sounds like a great project.

You may be interested in a similar project started more than 10 years
ago in Holyoke, MA and getting better all the time:


All best wishes,

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CAVM at aol.com wrote:

> A local coffee shop (Heine Bros) and the Hispanic Women's Group in 
> Louisville, KY have agreed to work together with us in developing 
> neighborhood gardens and locally produced meals.  We are working out 
> an arrangement with the city of Louisville to obtain the right to use 
> many of the vacant lots scattered around the city's older neighborhoods.
> We will remediate the lots and provide a healthy growing environment 
> for the Hispanic Women's Group and other interested parties to grow 
> vegetables, herbs, flowers, or just have a small park.  One of our 
> crew is a commercial kitchen inspector and will try to bring the old 
> cafeteria kitchen in a former Catholic school up to standards for 
> value added processing of some of the produce.
> We envision several commercial kitchens eventually and all producing 
> locally demanded meals and menu items.  The emphasis will be ethic 
> meal items since the area is so cosmopolitan and this seems to offer 
> the best profit potential.  We expect to have to supplement the city 
> production of vegetables with items from the farms in the state.
> I am warmed by the description Steve Diver gave of the Portland area.  
> I have enjoyed my visits there and would very much like to see their 
> community attitude brought to Louisville.
> While our role will be as facilitator and composter, we have a strong 
> attachment to this project.  We are gratified that a local business 
> has agreed to be the core of it.  What this will be is a sort of 
> movable farmers' market, CSA, neighborhood uplift program. We expect 
> the plantings to begin this Spring.
> Any suggestions and comments would be welcome.
> Regards,
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