[Market-farming] my plans for this years garden....

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Hi Mark,

I promise we are not stealing your ideas, and besides that, we are a
little west of Atlanta, so I guess even if we were it would still be ok.
;-)  This is only our 2nd year at market, but we are learning so much
from this list.  Here's what we are planning for this year:

1.  We have 9 cherry tomato varieties to mix and sell and the red and
yellow pear tomatoes started already.  I am unsure of the sizes of the
cherry types, so I am a little concerned that the variety of size may
take away from the presentation of the mix.  We have another 50
varieties of multiple colors/sizes heirloom tomatoes started as well.
(We really hope to cut back to a solid list of 36 varieties of the next
couple of years.)

2.  We are growing Jericho lettuce this year.  From what we have read,
it should do well in our area.  We have some cut and come again lettuce
that we are going to sell as a mix.  This is also new for us, so my
concern here is the labor involved, and keeping it cool.  We plan to add
some edible flowers to some of the mix.

3. We have lots more garlic, and have elephant garlic for the first

4.  Lots less variety of herbs.  And we completely eliminated hot
peppers.  Lots of vendors have those, and they sell so cheap!  (I will
miss growing them.)

5.  Snow peas.  Sad little packs sell for $4/lb year round in this area.
I know we can do better, and it we hope that it is a good early offering

6.  The other big addition for us is cut flowers...12 varieties of
sunflowers, multiple colors of zinnias, and a much smaller amount of a
few others.

We are also changing our display around, and plan to attend 4 markets a

Good luck to all of us!


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I d like to share some ideas of what im doing this year and like to hear
from any of you other growers on your plans.. Just dont steal my ideas
your a little north of Milwaukee.. LOL

1st... Im growing more cherry and pear shaped tomatoes. mini ones..about
different types and going to mix them in pints and quarts.. all kinds of
colors mixed together and sell them that way... I havent seen anyone do
around here and saw it somewheres else and it looks fantastic... also
more early sales doing this,,,

2nd,.. Im trying not to grow what everyone else is.... I made notes last
year and dont want to compete on price...people go table to table at our
markets and then go back to the cheapest source... its a waste of

3rd, im going to grow more greens and clamshell them .. they look better
than bagged .. i found a source doing a websearch for clamshells and
about 80 cents ... aka newmans in the grocery store type..

4th,, Im going to do a lot of 2nd season stuff,,,, especially short
peas in the fall... Last year no one had radishes , greens, peas, etc...
When I asked they said they either didnt have time to put it in or they
just to burnt out..  these are the same people that in Oct are selling
squash 4 for a dollar with everyone else at the market...i found peas at
another market going for 4 dollars a  lb and bought them becuase i hd a
craving for fresh raw peas ( peel and eat em )

so what is everyone else doing different this year... Mark

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