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Sun Feb 13 10:10:20 EST 2005

I don't know strawberriy growing, and I'm wondering what they've done to
make supermarket strawberries so tasteless. Is it the bred varieties or the
harvesting, fertilizer, or what? 

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On 2/13/2005 at 10:09 AM robert schuler wrote:

>Most strawberries grown on plastic today are annual types, you plant them
>through plastic in fall, harvest from mother plant in spring then pull up
>the crop and double crop a vegetable on the same plastic mulch. Its very
>hard to grow perennial strawberries on plastic, getting the runners to
>put where you want them is like getting your two year old kid to stay in
>yard. The annual types are far more productive and a lot easier to keep
>free... Bob.
>road's end farm wrote:
>> Yes, that's a good point; planting in landscape fabric or plastic mulch
>> would work. If the mulch is dark, you might need straw over it to keep
>> the berries from overheating, and if you want runners to set you'd have
>> to set them through the mulch yourself.
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