[Market-farming] strawberry planting

robert schuler sunnfarm at bellatlantic.net
Sun Feb 13 10:09:12 EST 2005

Most strawberries grown on plastic today are annual types, you plant them
through plastic in fall, harvest from mother plant in spring then pull up
the crop and double crop a vegetable on the same plastic mulch. Its very
hard to grow perennial strawberries on plastic, getting the runners to stay
put where you want them is like getting your two year old kid to stay in the
yard. The annual types are far more productive and a lot easier to keep weed
free... Bob.

road's end farm wrote:

> Yes, that's a good point; planting in landscape fabric or plastic mulch
> would work. If the mulch is dark, you might need straw over it to keep
> the berries from overheating, and if you want runners to set you'd have
> to set them through the mulch yourself.

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