[Market-farming] planning spreadsheets

guyclark at socket.net guyclark at socket.net
Sat Feb 12 21:19:46 EST 2005

Hey folks-

Googled "Farm Plan" + Manitoba: 


I must admit to being somewhat dizzied by the details, but have found your 
posts on marketing and planning inspiring and helpful. Lot to digest 

Hope the flaming has cooled a bit.

Found out this week that our market was voted "The Best Farmers' Market" 
in the state and I was voted "Market Champion" for the state. We are 
looking forward to a great year. It is our 25th Anniversary as a market. 
We plan a special event every month and have music every week. We have the 
best market manager we could ever hope to have (this is one of the keys to 
our success in the last year.) 

Guy Clark
Fertile Crescent Farms
Columbia Farmers' Market
Sustainable Farms & Communities

> Steve Diver,
 the University of Mantoba. "Farmplan".
> It runs in Excel.

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