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On Sat, 12 Feb 2005 15:32:39 -0700, Tradingpost wrote:

> Easy there, I meant no offense. I merely meant to stress that my views on
> growing and marketing are not colored by any financial designs on this
> particular list. Like most people here I'm not wealthy enough to donate
> thousands to charity; I'm a federal retiree paying $200 mo. rent to live
> and farm on 15 acres. I think formal marketing is designed for
> absentee-stockholder owned corporations because they never even see the
> people their business sells to. But for small market farmers, formal
> marketing can be a disaster.  We have to market by common sense and by
> knowing who we're selling to and what they want.  

Formal marketing is for any business operator
(small, medium, large, absentee or hands-on)
who wants to have a success when they open
the doors for business.

Operators are always people, even when they
are corporations.

AND, the best marketing practices are not
always obvious, nor necessarily involving
common sense.  For example, you might
think that common sense dictates that you
stop advertising after the first three ads
you ran produced nothing (zero, zed).

What formal marketing practice does for the
business operator is enforce a set of known
standards of discipline on those willing to
use what marketing practice offers.

Understanding your capacity as well as that
of your soil, pastures or weather is one phase
of marketing for farmers.

Understanding what customers in your market
area want is another critical element.

As long as you understand that marketing is
about providing and having choices, and
making those choices clear, you need not
get bogged down with perceptions about
Madison Avenue practices.

BTW, a hands on farmer who successfully
adapts professional marketing and advertising
practices (the honest ones) to his or her own
business will enjoy higher sales and profits than
those just winging it out by common sense.

Have a good weekend!

jay gee
not a farmer  --  but interested in farming

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