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Easy there, I meant no offense. I merely meant to stress that my views on
growing and marketing are not colored by any financial designs on this
particular list. Like most people here I'm not wealthy enough to donate
thousands to charity; I'm a federal retiree paying $200 mo. rent to live
and farm on 15 acres. I think formal marketing is designed for
absentee-stockholder owned corporations because they never even see the
people their business sells to. But for small market farmers, formal
marketing can be a disaster.  We have to market by common sense and by
knowing who we're selling to and what they want.  And if you want to
believe the military is a big defender of free speech, well, what you think
is no concern of mine. As much as I'm able I promote the spiritual
relationship to the land and the practice of right livelihood. My faith is
simple. Nature is my teacher, if I listen closely enough. Soil is life,
healthy soil is full of life, and for the soil to support our life we have
to give life back to the soil through respectful, sustainable management.
To me, there is no sustainable management without the spiritual connection
to the land, and no spiritual connection to the land without physical
contact with the land. I highly recommend Ralph Borsodi's classic, This
Ugly Civilization, written in the Depression. 

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On 2/11/2005 at 10:32 PM Steven Rogers wrote:

>I do not teach workshops for an industry that dosn't exist-- the industry
>I teach for is agriculture. 
>I don't make my living doing that and I'm not mentioning them to drum up
>business. The workshops
>I have given have been at the request of local universities, county
>extension services and large
>farmers markets. I always return my honorarium check because giving
>workshops to help
>farmers be successful is on of my ways of giving back to the community
>that has supported me
>for 16 profitable years. I also give over $10,000/ year to Christian
>organizations who have feeding
>programs in poor inner-city neighborhoods and to a christian run homeless
>shelter which has 
>a resident drug and alcohol treatment program. I am not doing this to
>become rich, I am using the
>talents and abilities that God gave me to bless others. I can't be a
>blessing to others if I am not
>also blessed. I am fortunate enough to be able to give out of my surplus.
> Marketing is a businesss function not an industry, and you, Tradingpost
>are doing marketing if you are in 
>business. If you actually read my post you would see that I am talking
>about marketing to 
>get to know who your market is, to define your market. This allows you to
>plant the proper crops 
>in the proper quantities so tha t you can be successful. As I said in my
>post you can be doing 
>marketing and not even know it. You are the perfect example.
>I am not ashamed to say that my first year I encountered some good luck.
>16 years ago I had nothing but
>$200 in seed money, a MARKETING PLAN, a vision and a mortgage with 4 kids
>to feed. I needed me
>some luck! I am not some B-school whiz kid. I am someone from a poor rural
>family who had to start working
>a nine years old when my Daddy died of cancer. I have gone to college for
>six years ( no degree)
>and I am not ashamed of that either. My education has served me well. 
>>From the emails I have received and reading the posts on this list I see
>that many people are 
>hungry for this information. Write what you want, Tradingpost, I served in
>the military to defend
>your right and my right of free speech.
>Steven Rogers
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