[Market-farming] heirloom tomatoes

Vivian Kooken vslk at thepipeline.net
Sat Feb 12 16:58:50 EST 2005

> Vivian, Plastic mulch will make little
> difference in cracking. IIRC, cracking is
> caused by a fruit that has gotten to the
> point its' skin will not grow any more. It
> rains or the plants get heavy irrigation and
> the inside of the fruit takes up water,
> expands and splits the skin. that is why I
> recomend picking the fruits a bit early if it
> is going to rain. For I find my customers do
> not want split fruit and if it is split than
> either I make tomato juice or the chickens
> get the 'maters
> Lucy Goodman

Oh, OK (sigh).  Still planning on using the mulch for other benefits it
should have in our short growing season.  I was successful in picking the
Black Krims early last year and they did ripen just fine off the vine.  One
variety, principe borghese cherry, seemed to *grow* cracked.  I won't try
them again this year.

Thanks for the suggestions!

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