[Market-farming] heirloom tomatoes

Vivian Kooken vslk at thepipeline.net
Sat Feb 12 15:47:46 EST 2005

> We have customers complaining to us about the hard skins on some of the
> other vendors tomatoes, I point out to them that my tomatoes do sometimes
> have cracking and that this is due to them not having those same thick
> skins.
> Oldtimin


Heirlooms definitely have the best flavor and I will still grow my favorite
heirlooms (and try some new ones!) again this year even though I have
trouble with cracking.  But, I will also grow the standard hybrid beef and
early girl types as well to satisfy those customers that want pretty
tomatoes.  I'm hoping that black plastic mulch with drip irrigation will
help a bit with the cracking.  Some cooperation from mother nature wouldn't
hurt, either!

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