[Market-farming] Re: heirloom tomatoes/Bob

robert schuler sunnfarm at bellatlantic.net
Sat Feb 12 10:36:11 EST 2005

If you got fresh Ramapo seed that would be news to me. This variety was
developed in my state and named after the Ramapo hills in the northern end of
the state. I knew the breeder he was one of our states tomato specialists.
Ramapo is indeterminate needs 8 ft tall stake, fruit are medium large 3"
across flattened globe ,thin skin red with a pink tint, red shoulders very
crack resistant ripen uniformly inside. This variety always shapes up nicely
without catfacing, it matures in late season. You can plant them with your
early tomatoes and Ramapo would follow just as the early types fizzle out.
Ramapo was always in the top five varieties chosen by my bedding plant
customers...  Bob.
Sunny Meadow Farm
Bridgeton, NJ.

tonitime at juno.com wrote:

> Hi Bob,
>    A friend gave me a packet of Ramapo seed a few months back. he sells
> at market in Lexington, KY.  Would you like me to inquire as to the
> source??
> What do you like about this tomato?  I grow mostly heirloom tomatoes, but
> wanted to add this in to the 16 varieties we will grow soon.
> Toni
> Red River Gorge, KY
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