[Market-farming] Re: Market-farming Digest, Vol 25, Issue 20

Mark Ritter mnr200 at charter.net
Sat Feb 12 22:43:20 EST 2005

I live in the Milwaukee Wisconsin area and we have a high end grocer called
Sendiks... last fall i was amazed they were selling the ugliest cracked "
heirloom tomatos for 3.99 a lb... and they were selling... i would not be
afraid of selling unperfect tomatoes... this store had signs up listing the
names and the professional signage sold the tomatoes... not the way they
looked  ....
bulk and packet garden seeds

>From my experience, there might be a small increase in costs.  It seems to
me that the seeds are not quite as cheap as hybrids.  I usually do get more
cracks, splits and cat facing from heirlooms, but a good part of  that is
just me and no formal irrigation.   The knowledgeable folks do not hesitate
buying toms with 'minor' imperfections.  The others folks, I just tell them
to cut that part out.  The toms are not for a photo shoot, they are going to
get cut up anyway.   Any extra loss in marketable toms can sometimes be made
up in placing a premium price on the heirlooms (something I have trouble
doing but feel I must in the future).

Limerock Orchards

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