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Lake Tawakoni before the lake was there, then The Colony. Good place to be
from. Far from.

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On 2/11/2005 at 8:38 PM Bill Bradshaw wrote:

>Paul, what part of East Texas are you from? Just wondering we are located
>Rusk, Texas TB
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>> You misunderstand, Dorene. My partner isn't IN Connecticut; she's here
>> we are in the *same zone* as Connecticut. Curiosity factor? I don't
>> so.  Actually she brings a lifetime of experience with growing in three
>> different climates, northeast, mid-south, and Florida, and my experience
>> was in East Texas and Texas A & M. She's raised a number of Old Country
>> varieties in the past. We are making the effort to see what can adapt to
>> the high desert southwest. We adapt to the weather, just like everybody
>> else.  BTW, our Brandywines got rave reviews last year.
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