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Fri Feb 11 20:13:10 EST 2005

You misunderstand, Dorene. My partner isn't IN Connecticut; she's here and
we are in the *same zone* as Connecticut. Curiosity factor? I don't think
so.  Actually she brings a lifetime of experience with growing in three
different climates, northeast, mid-south, and Florida, and my experience
was in East Texas and Texas A & M. She's raised a number of Old Country
varieties in the past. We are making the effort to see what can adapt to
the high desert southwest. We adapt to the weather, just like everybody
else.  BTW, our Brandywines got rave reviews last year. 

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>IMHO, the guy from NM who is getting recommendations from a tomato grower
>CT is going for the curiosity factor more than "what will work" for him -
>can't imagine two more different climates.

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