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logrock logrock at bellsouth.net
Fri Feb 11 19:06:44 EST 2005

We sold heirloom tomatoes last year, and even though we are fairly small
scale, we were very happy with the customer response.  The one comment
that a customer made that sticks in my mind the most was "I buy my
regular tomatoes from her (another vendor selling hybrids) but I buy my
special tomatoes from you." We sold all of our tomatoes at $3.00/lb, and
had two comments the entire season about price.  (One of those still
bought tomatoes on a weekly basis, and the other didn't buy anything
from anyone and was never seen again.)  We had many repeat customers,
and requests to "hold some of those yellow pear tomatoes for me next
week please!"  We are growing 60 varieties this year, and we picked them
mostly based on reports of high productivity and resistance to cracking.
We will see how that goes.  We can also report that we have made a
number of purchases from TGS (Tomato Growers Supply) and Victory Seeds,
and have been completely satisfied with the delivery, germination rate,
and value.  Also, (and I apologize if it is uncouth to mention other
forums again) we received many new varieties by trading seeds with the
group on the tomato growing forum at GardenWeb.  

Patty & Ron
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