[Market-farming] Canopy

logrock logrock at bellsouth.net
Fri Feb 11 17:51:14 EST 2005

We did our shopping, and the only place near us that had a canopy was
indeed Sam's.  They have one model-the Encore II, which apparently is
sold exclusively by Sam's now.  It is available in white only, 10 X 10,
commercial grade aluminum frame, HD 660 Denier/poly top, nylon bag with
wheels, 3-way awning with sign holder, 4 side walls, 2 year warranty,
and priced at $194.68.  So, as much as I didn't want a white top, we
will probably go with that one.  Wish I could figure out a way to dye
it, but I suspect the top is treated, and being nylon, any dye probably
wouldn't take. 
Thanks for all the advice and help,
Patty & Ron
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