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> all the other big markets are fulll 

I manage a market that is closed.   When you are out of space and have all 
the vendors that the market attendence can handle you tend to try to limit the 
amount of produce that is being sold in a particular market.

One of the bigger markets that I would like to get into has a Saturday 
Morning traffic of around 10,000 people, they have 235 vendors for this market every 
week.  They have no more space for more vendors in this market.  The only way 
you get in is when someone quite's , which hasen't happened in a number of 
years, so you get on the list every year and work your way through the waiting 

The market is managed by a very large management firm from Chicago , Detroit, 
and Denver.  I really see no one here really carring, all they are doing is 
selling spaces.   

Where are you from?
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