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Give them a slice of both, maybe with a salt shaker. Then see.

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On 2/11/2005 at 1:24 PM robert schuler wrote:

>In my state we have the largest fresh market hybrid/ heirloom and
>tomato evaluation project in the nation which includes two public taste
>each summer. We have discovered many great heirlooms and a few big losers,
>hopefully we will narrow it down to the best varieties this year. But
>of that, I have found at my roadside market when giving folks a choice
>almost always choose the big firm perfect looking rock hard red hybrids.
>Its very hard to figure what the customer will like. Old young rich or
>poor you
>can present an heirloom variety with a warm and fuzzy folksy name, yet the
>perfect big round tomato will sell first. I sell a tomato with the
>romantic name
>BHN 586 along side a sweetcorn called BC0805 not very impressive names but
>quality and flavor that brings cutomers back... Bob.
>Sunny Meadow Farm
>Bridgeton, NJ.
>Old Timin' wrote:
>> When it comes to selling heirlooms, there is another marketing advantage
>> along with flavor and color that I don't see many using. The histories
>> stories involved with the varieties.If you check into it, most heirlooms
>> have an interesting story or history behind them, people love to try a
>> variety after hearing these "tidbits of information", you just can't
>come up
>> with an interesting story for better boy or early girl,lol.
>> Oldtimin
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