[Market-farming] FM's in rural areas

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Agree, Oldtimin. Our local auto mechanic and the hardware man need to keep
plying their trade full time. At the same time I'm convinced fossil fuels
are headed much higher long term, and I'm told NPK and oil-based pesticides
have already gone way up over the last few years (I wouldn't know since I
don't need it). They say our store produce travels 1500 miles on average,
and that's all fossil fuel. In my view the demand for growing skills,
information, and non-hybrid seed can only rise in the near future. The need
for new "Victory Gardens" may be here before we know it.
http://www.victoryseeds.com/TheVictoryGarden/page2.html . 

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On 2/11/2005 at 12:37 PM Old Timin' wrote:

>But this isn't necessarily so.  I live in a very, very rural
>area and almost all homes here have room for a garden.  But
>it seems that very, very, very few people garden here:
>I agree, most people don't have the time, or at least don't want to make
>time to grow a garden. There are always going to be those that will grow 
>their own, but there also will always be enough that can find their time
>be more productive doing something else and buying from a market.
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