[Market-farming] Note to Phil

mtlivestock crublee at libby.org
Fri Feb 11 12:34:04 EST 2005

<<<<all the other big markets are fulll and we have been
on their lists for years now, and I really have very little hope of ever
getting in any of the three big market on Saturday. >>>

I read your comment above and asked myself "What could Phil do to change the
status quo of this statement?"  Forgive me, but I was wondering if this
statement was made after making attempts to change it or not.  I was
thinking that if you had to wait years-others are waiting too!  Why not
start another market? Is it possible?  Maybe?  Can you get an agency
involved to show the need for new rules on who and who cannot join the
market each year?  Can you approach the manager of the markets and state
your problem (with a list of others on the waiting lists) to question the
need for expansion of the markets.

Of cause, size, costs, rules, etc may impede your ability to join these
markets or the markets expanding to meet your needs or new markets forming
to fill the needs of folks on waiting lists. But---Have you tried?  Maybe
you don't have enough produce or other folks interested in these ideas.  I
don't know.  But I would encourage thinking around these problems if it
becomes financially rewarding to do so.

I look at other folks problems in marketing farm goods as I believe it will
be my problem at one time or another in the future.  I try to find possible
solutions now (while it is not effecting me) to be prepared for these future
problems.  Just another way I learn from this list!  Nothing personal or
judging, Phil.  Just curious what could be the possible solutions.  It
sounds you have similar rural-far away city consumers as we have in our

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