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Good for you. Those resellers have the same stuff that's in the supermarket
chains, don't they? And don't have the vine ripened, tasty, nutritious
produce you do. I understand the controversy over resellers is a hot issue
in many markets and some simply ban them. I don't know your area but season
extention helps us here with a 90-day growing season for warm weather
items. My 15 x 30 greenhouse is a must for starter plants. We're not up to
trying Coleman's 4-season system yet but we do have greens started 4 months
before last frost here.

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>> What really gets me as a roadside/farm marketer, are the 'deceivers' 
>> selling produce from off-farm and calling it homegrown. 
>Well these same people are in our farmers markets selling Tomatoes, 
>Cantaloupe, watermelons and such a month or so ahead of any locally grown
>These people are just plain peddlers and nothing else, I won't give them
>honor of being called a marketer.  They are just plain resellers.    
>Our policy has never changed, if we don't grow it or make it we will not
>Farm Marketing east of Chicago is all together a different ball game.  All

>you have to do is get on I 80 and head east and get to I 95 and start
>the traffic.  In the great plains we may have to travel 150 miles to get
>to a 
>town of over 100,000 people. most of our rural towns are under 5000
>over half of the markets I sell in don't even speak English because of the

>packing House industry.  Generally speaking we need our small town markets
>to keep 
>our cash flow going.  Our marketing schedule is everyday except Sunday,
>some of the markets we do two or three the same day.  Another factor is
>most of 
>the small town markets don't open until Sweet Corn is on which is first
>part of 
>July and runs till school starts the first of Sept.  This gives us a very 
>narrow window for sales in these markets so it is very important to get to
>many Markets as possible.  Lots of days we are doing two markets a day in
>window and as far as 100 miles from home depending on the size of the
> We are luck to be in one big market that starts the first of May and runs

>til the middle of October, all the other big markets are fulll and we have
>on their lists for years now, and I really have very little hope of ever 
>getting in any of the three big market on Saturday.               
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