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> What really gets me as a roadside/farm marketer, are the 'deceivers' 
> selling produce from off-farm and calling it homegrown. 

Well these same people are in our farmers markets selling Tomatoes, 
Cantaloupe, watermelons and such a month or so ahead of any locally grown produce.  
These people are just plain peddlers and nothing else, I won't give them the 
honor of being called a marketer.  They are just plain resellers.    

Our policy has never changed, if we don't grow it or make it we will not sell 

Farm Marketing east of Chicago is all together a different ball game.  All 
you have to do is get on I 80 and head east and get to I 95 and start fighting 
the traffic.  In the great plains we may have to travel 150 miles to get to a 
town of over 100,000 people. most of our rural towns are under 5000 people, 
over half of the markets I sell in don't even speak English because of the 
packing House industry.  Generally speaking we need our small town markets to keep 
our cash flow going.  Our marketing schedule is everyday except Sunday, and 
some of the markets we do two or three the same day.  Another factor is most of 
the small town markets don't open until Sweet Corn is on which is first part of 
July and runs till school starts the first of Sept.  This gives us a very 
narrow window for sales in these markets so it is very important to get to as 
many Markets as possible.  Lots of days we are doing two markets a day in this 
window and as far as 100 miles from home depending on the size of the community. 
 We are luck to be in one big market that starts the first of May and runs 
til the middle of October, all the other big markets are fulll and we have been 
on their lists for years now, and I really have very little hope of ever 
getting in any of the three big market on Saturday.               

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