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Absolutely, Pat. I very much use value judgments in my growing and selling,
but I didn't use the word "moral" just to avoid religious overtones.
Everybody makes value judgments whether intentional or not, for
overconsumption or sustainability and so forth.  My personal values usually
mesh with practicality. I promote drought tolerant perennials in an area
where people don't know they can landscape naturally with varieties native
or suited to this dry climate and altitude. That's practical as well as
water conserving which I value. I encourage rural living and rainwater
collection, since larger NM cities have chronic water shortage. Same with
vegetables. I value local food, sustainably grown for health, for local
food security, and to save fossil fuel, but at the same time I remind
customers it's more practical - they're saving gas and travel time and the
food simply tastes better. All these are selling points.  I don't know
about other places, but Madison Avenue doesn't sell here.  At the same time
my belief in *right livelihood* is a value judgment. I don't expect
everybody to agree, but I try to practice it.

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On 2/11/2005 at 8:58 AM Pat Meadows wrote:

>On Thu, 10 Feb 2005 16:37:18 -0700, you wrote:
>>When I say "wrong" I don't intent a moral judgment or anything of the
>>I believe the mainstream ad business we see day and night is "wrong" for
>>sensible culture, "wrong" for the economy, and so forth. Madison Avenue,
>>we call it, is all geared to creating demand while ignoring real needs
>>should be met. Which means getting people to feel they have to spend
>>for things they didn't particularly want or need to begin with.  "Wrong"
>>the sense it's bogus. And of course it's only for one purpose, not to
>>better humanity, not to serve peoples' needs, not to improve anyone's
>>but to pull in business and market share for corporations pushing the
>>latest overpriced gizmos for brushing your teeth to cars that tell you to
>>turn left at the next corner. 
>OK, I'll do what you wouldn't:  I'll call it morally wrong.
>By *my* standards, my ethics, my morals:  it's morally
>I think it's morally wrong to encourage overconsumption in a
>world where (a) people are starving to death, (b) we are
>running out of fossil fuel, and (c) we are polluting our
>world into a runaway climatic disaster.  In the face of
>these things:  yes, I think it's morally wrong.  
>I also don't think that adopting tactics that one considers
>morally wrong is an honorable way of making a living.  It
>might be OK for those who *don't* consider it wrong.  But
>it's not OK for those who do.
>If you want to *become* Madison Avenue, then adopt their
>tactics.  If you don't want to become Madison Avenue, make
>your living (sell your produce in this case) in some other
>manner.  If a tactic is deceptive, for example, you cannot
>use that tactic without becoming a deceiver.  
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