[Market-farming] heirloom tomatoes

mtlivestock crublee at libby.org
Fri Feb 11 09:31:37 EST 2005

<<<<<I've noticed it costs no more to grow heirloom and gourmet
varieties of familiar vegetables, and it adds a little extra zing to
customer satisfaction. I think of that as value added. They may not care if
it's Costuluto Genovese instead of Burpee Beefsteak or Heinz, but it tastes
better. Everybody wants food that tastes good. And surprise - most people I
know like to eat ;-)  What I'm lacking so far is good feedback on many
varieties I'm experimenting with.>>>>

I agree completely!  This is what I am doing this year too!  I think the
added value of the flavor will keep my customers coming back.  IF there is
an opportunity to discuss or send along a printed note on the variety,
importance of growing heirloom, etc---that helps to create interest among
their friends, family, and co-workers IF they discuss it.  Sometimes there
is no opportunity to do this, so the buyer just goes home with "tomatoes".
The only salesman you have at that point is the flavor, freshness, and
texture of that tomato!

I have heard heirlooms can be more expensive to grow because many heirlooms
(not all)  produce smaller fruit plus cracking/disease is more prevalent in
some heirlooms varieties.  I planned to grow more this year just in case
this is true as I don't normally grow heirlooms.  Would anyone care to
advise on this?  I would like to know if this is true.

Pat listed an excellent site for information on heirlooms.  Try this
catalog.  I have not ordered from them, but I will this month.

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