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And then there's the low cost of the land itself.  I get it for $1,200 an
acre, scenery at no extra charge.  It does cost to improve poor soil and it
may take time, but compost and cover crops are a good idea long term
wherever cash crops are grown.

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On 2/10/2005 at 8:28 PM Old Timin' wrote:

>As far as the comment on rural farmers markets being a bad choice, I
>think the one thing left out of the equation is cost of living. I had read
>a few days ago that comparing sales for a given day between two vendors
>really tells you nothing, thier costs to produce those sales could be
>vastly different. I admit rural markets usually wont generate the big
>bucks that some big city markets will, but the cost of living in a rural
>area is much lower, and travel expenses and times to large cities from
>rural areas may not make up the difference in income for many marketers.  
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