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Hi Paul, 
       Massachusetts is however the market I serve. And so I am learning as 
much as I can about my particular markets trends and habits.
       What is obvious is that each market has it's own particulars and 
peculiarities, and learning about our individual customer's buying habits is an 
essential part of being able to market to them successfully. It's really basic 
business to find out what books our customers have read recently, where they 
shop for clothing, what they do for a living, what TV shows they watch (or don't 
       Many of the marketing principles I've used were gleaned from one book 
or another. We try new things, and hang onto those things that work. For 
example, direct marketing is the surest way, for us, to get customers to keep 
coming back.   We send postcards out to our mailing list and reap the rewards every 
time. Simple inexpensive and highly effective.
       What area are you selling in if you don't mind me asking?

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