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It really ought to be a no-brainer, but experts always have to make things
more complicated than they are. Marketing strategy?  Growers can do as they
please, but it makes more sense to me to meet a need that's already there
-- good locally produced food at reasonable prices -- than to try to create
a demand for something else people don't want and don't need.  I'm not
arguing with Ogilvy On Advertising. He's just history, that's all. Surely
we've learned something about the needs of our society and culture since

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On 2/10/2005 at 3:10 PM jay gee wrote:

>On Wed, 09 Feb 2005 11:11:30 -0700, Tradingpost wrote:
>> More thoughts on marketing.  As it works today, the marketing industry
>> about creating demand, selling people things they don't need or didn't
>> in the first place. Olgivig On Advertising explained it all years ago.
>> already know this. We know it works too, with the average kid seeing
>> 100,000 commercials by the time they get out of high school. We never
>> TV ads or billboards constantly telling us to shop our local farmers
>> market.  They don't drown us in images hammering home the message that
>> be rich, sexy, or popular we have to shop our local farmers market.  And
>> can't compete head on with the billions they spend advertising. It's a
>> rigged game where we're bound to lose playing by their rules.  I'd
>> natural, locally grown food needs a very different marketing strategy
>> what the industrial food culture employs. 
>Just what "marketing strategy" would you recommend?
>Playing by the rules of the marketers allows you to
>capitalize on all of the trained behavioral cues
>that big marketers have made familiar.
>If you try to reinvent the wheel, or "advertise the health
>value of brushing teeth instead of trying to sell tooth
>brushes" as David  Ogilvy wrote, you wind up behind
>the pack, or worse, out of business because you
>spent all your advertising budget on a campaign
>with no or low resonance with prospective customers.
>If you ask those high school grads which of the 100,000
>commercials they remember and can describe accurately,
>don't be surprised if they are only able to recount 100 or
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