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Mostly professional
women, 40-65?  Sorry, most food shoppers may be women but the majority
certainly aren't professionals, and most are probably under 40.  Sharpton
may be talking about the Whole Foods Market crowd, but they're a different
crowd from the farmers market crowd.  As long as small growers aim so high
at the upscale market, they'll remain a niche market. 
I disagree with you Paul.  The people who frequent our Farmer's Markets are 
working professionals who want fresh food raised locally. If you are growing 
for people who can raise it themselves in their own garden, then you are right 
in feeling angry that you can't get anyone to buy your stuff.  Why would they?  
Perhaps you would do better to relocate to an area where your efforts are 
rewarded?  BTW, small growers excel when they put themselves in a niche market 
and aim high.  

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