[Market-farming] ReLocally grown

James H. Corey 1corey at bellsouth.net
Thu Feb 10 11:30:40 EST 2005

Fresh Market is a chain, and I honestly would be surprised if they hurt your
sales at all.  They do not offer much in the way of organic produce, and they
are extremely high end.  Everything there, while nice, is quite expensive.  I
sold directly to our store here for a while (organic strawberries) - and
while the business relationship was okay, it became to much of a hassle.  I
wouldn't worry about them too much if I were you.

Rose Hill Plantation

nancy a parker wrote:

> Just saw notice in the paper that we are going to have a" Fresh Market
> "opening here., Fort Wayne, Indiana. No information of where they are
> from but sounds like a chain.
> Is anyone familiar with them and do they hurt the local market as much as
> I am assuming they will?
> Thanks,
> Nancy Parker, Sulphur Hill Gardens.
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