[Market-farming] quick hints: GREAT farm tools: A Camera & A Calendar

mtlivestock crublee at libby.org
Thu Feb 10 10:29:59 EST 2005

I finally bought a digital camera after "wondering" if I really needed one
for over a year.  It was the best farm equipment I bought last year!!  It is
cheap and requires adjusting the pic options every time I turn on the
camera, but it fits just right for my needs and my budget.

Photographs are helping my sales!  I have had folks from all over drive to
our place to buy stock just by sending photographs via email or putting them
up on my website.  Although I have done this for years, I had lost sales
while waiting for photos to come back from the processor or time for me to
drop them off.  Now I just email I will send a photo today.  And within
minutes, I can go outside, take a pic, and download to email.

I just started market gardening and am finding it works there too!  I have
used the photographs on my website and will now use them in my market shed
next to plants (of the same varieties in the photos) I plan to sell this
spring!  I think seeing my farm gate in the picture next to the flowers will
help customers realize the size of the plant.  It will show how "naked" my
gate looks in early spring without these beauties!!  Hopefully, they will
relate the effect with "bare" spots in their yards.  (Oops, that sounds a
bit more than gardening, now doesn't it? <g>)

I also use the camera for ebay, so it pulls double duty!


In the recent discussion, some folks may feel sitting at a computer to input
sales or expenses is JUST NOT GOING TO HAPPEN on their farm due to limited
time or adverse reaction to sitting in an office when it is sunny outside!
<bg>  Hey, we have all been there!

Here is a suggestion:

I bought a big desktop calendar for my husband (known for NOT writing down
things and loosing receipts).  The big calendars with lines on each date to
write important notes. (Buy them at OfficeMax or Staples.) We put it up on
our back door.  Every time he comes into the house he goes directly to the
calendar.  He puts down any sales or expenses on that date. He also marks it
as a farm, business, or personal expense.  He then drops the receipts in an
envelope in the wall rack (next to the door).  At the end of the month, it
is easy to total all and input the information on our files.

I have a separate spiral calendar for the working notes such as when a row
was planted or when a horse was shod, etc.  It really helps keep us on track
and remind us of expenses coming up in a month, several months, or next

This method really helps if you pick up items but don't pay for them right
away.  It helps to keep track of how much and when such as tons of hay or
tons of grain.  You won't be so shocked at next month's feed bill. <g>

This is a good compromise for us.  Maybe it will work for others?

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