[Market-farming] Wild business scenarios

Mr Lucky steve at mrlucky.com
Wed Feb 9 23:00:32 EST 2005

From: "Steven Rogers" <singingpigfarm at earthlink.net>

> The scenario of several days ago of a farmer selling $500 at a farmer's 
> market with costs of $400
> and Pat's scenario of selling tomatoes at break evenprice at a farm stand 
> are pretty wild and
> are in no way representative of reality. After  15 profitable years as a 
> market farmer I know what it
> costs to produce vegetables.

Oy! Again, I was using it as an extreme example of why it was irrelevant to 
share gross sales. It wasn't a real life scenario. Most of the farmers I 
sell with have no idea what their profit is. Some brag about how much they 
did in a day. Often the sames ones are renting two stalls and driving a huge 
truck getting 13 miles per gallon and come from hours away. If I live where 
the market is, get great mileage and sell in one stall, comparing our gross 
sales is meaningless. That's my point.

Please share gross sales if you like. 

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