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What Sharpton thinks is "universal to all retail businesses" is simply not
typical of most food shoppers around the country.  Mostly professional
women, 40-65?  Sorry, most food shoppers may be women but the majority
certainly aren't professionals, and most are probably under 40.  Sharpton
may be talking about the Whole Foods Market crowd, but they're a different
crowd from the farmers market crowd.  As long as small growers aim so high
at the upscale market, they'll remain a niche market. 

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>They spend three times as
>much for prepared items ("value added") they could throw together
>themselves and save. I'd hope fresh market shoppers aren't so clueless
>I recently attended a seminar where one of the speakers was Judy Sharpton,
>marketing professional that helped retail greenhouses and garden centers 
>market to consumers.  Some of the things she talked about are universal to
>retail businesses and may be something to think about as you prepare for
>upcoming season.  I know I will be.
>1. WOMEN still do the majority of the shopping.  The average age of women,

>now, is 40-65.
>They are professionals who have very little time in their lives for
>gardening, cleaning, and all the other stuff that goes with living.  Gear
>products to help them save time.  It IS added value to this powerful group
>2. Because they have very little time in their lives, they will give YOU 
>about 20 minutes of their time at your store/ market stand. If you can't
>their lives easier in 20 minutes, they are going to walk away.
>3. They like lots of information.  It empowers them to make informed 
>decisions in that 20 minute window, so make sure you have info cards
>letting them know how this product is going to fit in with their life. 
>This is the 
>added value to them!  Is it organic? Is it easy to prepare?  Got  a
>Is it planted in a container they can just take home and place on their
>Make life easier for these shoppers and they will spend what you ask for
>product.  It isn't clueless, it's time management in the hectic world that
>live in.
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